He earned his Bachelor of Science in Applied Economics (BS-AEC) degree at the De La Salle University, Manila in 2006. He continued to study law at the San Beda College of Law, Manila where he obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree in 2011. He was admitted to the Philippine Bar in March 2012.


Before establishing the Firm, Atty. Joel Malasaga was an associate lawyer at a Taguig-based law firm where he was in charge of labor and management disputes, immigration concerns, election protest cases, and corporate legal due diligence. A year after, he joined Agan Montenegro Malasaga & Co. (formerly Agan & Montenegro Law Office) as a junior partner where he also handles civil and criminal litigation, family and property relation cases, and tax assessments.


While maintaining his Makati-based law firm, Atty. Joel Malasaga managed to establish the Firm in January 2017 as its Managing Partner.


His expertise includes civil and criminal litigation, labor and management disputes, immigration concerns, family and property relations, tax and legal due diligence, tax assessments, intellectual property protections, and election protest cases.

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